Learn how to get your copy of nex4biz

In a Nutshell

nex4biz will be sold solely to certified Microsoft Dynamcis NAV solution providers.

So if you are a ...

  • Navision-User and you´d like to have the nex4biz AddOn for your own Navision database to be able to use the ePages shop software then you should inform your Dynamics NAV soultion provider in charge about your desire and he´ll get into contact with us.
  • Certified ePages Partner acting in charge of one of your customers or simply seeking new business opportunities then it would be best to talk to us directly.
  • Certified Microsoft Dynamics NAV Solution Provider interested in reselling nex4biz and offering your customers a mature e-Commerce system with hassle-free administration, seamless integration and lots of possibilities then you definitely should call us.


The Details

We believe in the business partner model that has been exercised successfully for so many years by Microsoft, ePages and all of their professional partners.

It´s not only those great programs like Navision, ePages or nex4biz that account for a successful business software but it´s a working partner system that will help to get the customer where he aims to be. A team of cooperating professional business partners will achieve way more for their common customer than the customer would be able to when struggling on his own. To us this is simply plain fact!

We let people do their jobs:  Join your Dynamics NAV ERP professionals with your ePages e-Commerce professionals, use a ready-to-rumble nex4biz connector to get systems interacting and you can concentrate on the real job from the very beginning. With all technical details being already solved and nifty e-Commerce features at your hands from inside Navision you won´t loose any time!

By conducting (online) workshops we will qualify Navision consultants to bring the nex4biz AddOn into action. After that it will be much easier for those consultants to interact with ePages partners when working on the job. This is because we will teach them in a very short amount of time about the must-knows when conducting ePages projects. We let them participate from the knowledge we have earned from working with Navision and ePages for many years. Participating in one of those workshops will entitle the consultants to order copies of nex4biz in the names of their companies.

Through the offering of software update contracts we´d like to ensure that existing customers will get the most out of nex4biz - not only today but in the future as well. Your software update contract will entitle you to recieve new versions of those modules that you´ve already ordered at a very low price. This also reflects our strong commitment to keep on developing this software and keep it up to date when new versions of ePages or Navision become available.


Contact Us

Feel free to drop us a note or just call us if you have any questions.

Email: info@nex4biz.com
Phone: +49 7323 952 294