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Module: "Products"

"Products" module is your autonomous link from ePages online products to Navision items and item variants. It fills the gap that normally prevents default navision items from being showcased successfully and appealingly inside e-Commerce systems. Not only will it allow your data management department to control aspects of the visual appearance of an online-product, but it will also provide for flexible use of deviant item SKUs and the process of using alternate items without having your online-customers worry about the actual Navision item SKUs.
"Products" module leverages Navision´s standard item sales price list and a template customer that can be configured for each shop setup to calculate a product´s default price (for each currency configured). As each shop setup will have it´s own template customer the same product can have different default prices for every shop defined. Using Navision´s default item sales price list supports the concept of single data management.
From a system integrators point of view, "Products" module would be of high interest when it comes to interact with third-party PIM systems.
Keeping in mind nex4biz´s multi-shop abilities we also introduced a reasonable solution for property inheritance to "Product" module. This way you would only need to conduct time consuming data management work once and make use of your efforts in each of your additional online shops.


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